Rights vs. politics

While this column is specifically about whether NJ Gov. Chris Christie can override constitutionally mandated school funding by ignoring it, it applies to the larger strategies of Republicans everywhere, summed up nicely here:

Justice Barry Albin came closest to touching on the core issue, but he didn’t flat out say it: Schools are not like other public expenditures. They have a constitutional lien on the Treasury by virtue of . Just like bond holders have to be paid, so the schools have to be funded. It’s not discretionary. Not a matter of politics.

What he did say was this: “Can the appropriations clause”—which grants the Legislature the sole power to raise revenues—”be used to extinguish a Constitutional right?” He used the example of denying poor defendants the right to counsel because the state says it can’t afford to pay. That example has been decided. The answer is no.

Go read all of it, especially if you live in New Jersey.

One thought on “Rights vs. politics

  1. Braun has good stuff on education issues for the Star Ledger.
    He’s right.
    Yes, Susie everyday its seems like we – the 8.8 million residents in the Garden State — feel like we keep re-living the same Felini Film.
    Pundits/GOP mayors yell cut, cut, cut 24/7 and then cry when roads aren’t plowed.

    Public education reform (i.e. Teachers make too much $$). But when reports surface NJ’s public education is pretty good, those results are routinely dismissed.
    And just a few hours ago, the state Assembly – which has been run by the Dems for years BTW- passes some of the most hideous, rightwing legislation imagineable.

    Even included a “job training” bill modeled (loosely) after the insideous Georgia Work$ Program. Seriously.
    Indentured servants are back.

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