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  1. I’m thinking ‘ll go ahead and file for disability. With my lungs as shot as they are, I can’t work at McDonald’s.

  2. Not true. Many of us care. Care quite a lot. I’m glad to see organizing going on and I’m hoping that I can join 6 million+ people marching in the street.

  3. Susie, you’re absolutely right. Most people don’t care.
    Your reader Ron may care (so so very much appreciated Ron!), but I doubt that a significant march/protest is possible here in the USofA.
    Mostly, people here simply do not care about the so-called ‘Greater Good’ of this Nation. The connected-ness is mostly gone.
    It’s the ‘I Got Mine – Go Fuck Yourself Or Fight For Yours. I Won’t Fight With You For Yours – I Might Lose Mine’….and it’s just horrible.
    In Washington it’s not about Governing anymore, at least on the Republican and Blue Dog ‘Dems’ side. It’s become an Elementary School yard type BS. These people are set for life – they don’t have to worry about anything ever again.
    This is NOT a Government FOR and BY the people anymore. Far from it.
    The Tea Party is funded by ultra right multi-billionaire Cocks. Oh, I’m sorry, Dicks. Oh wait, I got it wrong: Kochs.
    Those ‘other’ 95% of us (and mind you, I’ve noticed the change within myself. It’s a whole different long story) are supposed to fight over that 25% of that ‘pie’, made to believe that those 25% is 100% of OUR pie.
    You got nothing? Well, see how those UNIONS eat up their unfair share of your imagined piece of that pie! Union members have SOMETHING (not much), YOU HAVE NOTHING!! Fight the UNIONS!!

    Wrong. Fight the ones who own the 3/4 of the rest of the pie.
    Yes, those 5% of the disgustingly, unimaginably rich. Whose ride to the Hamptons from NYC is not timed by car, rather than helicopter (thank you for that nugget, Paul Krugman!)

    Anyone earning $500K or less a year (including BONUSES), needs to be out in the street.
    WE need to shut government down. WE need to show how much power WE have.
    Ya know, when the 1989 Earthquake hit in Santa Cruz/Bay Area, I had a Swiss friend visiting. We were at the epi-center, in fact I was pumping gas. A total foreign experience to both of us, neither of us truly realized the impact. (Even though we SAW the waves coming through the pavement of the street, my car was going up and down at least a foot or so. On our way back on Highway 1 we saw huge rock slides. Then we came to SF. Busses were parked to block off the freeway – WE BOTH ASSUMED THAT THERE WAS A STRIKE!!!
    It wasn’t until we got totally stuck and until I turned on the radio (mind you, we’d just be listening to music until that point. We had NO clue anything that serious had happened. Also, the shopping center that collapsed, well we were there not ten minutes before that. It’s just that our parking meter had expired and I didn’t want a ticket – that’s the one and only reason we left. People died there) that we heard about the severe damage the earthquake had done.
    We were both cool – again ASSUMING THERE WAS A STRIKE!!!

    And see, that’s what Europeans do – WE STRIKE AND INTERRUPT EVERYONE’S LIFE.
    That’s the ONLY way to make people pay attention.
    Interrupt their daily lives.

    Besides giving a memorable story, I’m simply still stuck on the fact that we didn’t take the quake into account, WE BOTH SIMPLY ASSUMED THAT THERE WAS A STRIKE AND WERE WILLING TO GO WITH THAT.
    Yes, shut things down. Stop garbage pick-up. Stop Congressional Pay Checks.
    Then see how much people NEED government.
    Show them what government does. Show people how much it would HURT if ‘their part’ of government would cease to exist.

    Ugh. Sorry for the rant. Just had to get it out.

  4. I do not mean to take any attention away from the 99ers, but another group that should be considered, counted and included in the unemployment statistics are those who never filed for unemployment in the first place.

    Some companies are very good at pressuring people to quit through all kinds of manipulations or backing them into situations where they are given a choice to resign or get fired with some kind of unwarranted charge against them.

    Many businesses rely on this process to keep churning turnover and keep costs down by eliminating the need for raises or keeping people from enrolling for insurance.

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