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From David Frum’s website:

Look folks (fellow posters), it’s really quite simple.

1. Images and words convey messages.
2. Messages have an intended audience and focus but cannot be selectively transmitted to just a few
3. These messages are not to be taken literally.
4. There are many people (nut jobs) who have difficulty understanding these messages and take them literally.

This is not rocket science.

So you all sit in front of your computers playing school yard (they hit me first!) and continue to use imagery that conveys messages you had not intend to convey and then do the tsk tsk thing when the nut jobs really believe you literally meant “Don’t retreat, Instead Reload” or “Lock and Load” or “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

What you say matters. If you don’t believe that then perhaps shouldn’t say anything at all. A little girl is dead and she died because some folks believe it is acceptable to use violence to make a statement or correct a perceived wrong. The binaries can deny any contribution to all they want. But in the dead dark of night when you are all alone and no one is listening, you ask yourself if what you say and how you say it, matters.

3 thoughts on “Comment of the day

  1. aajane, I can’t speak for our host of course, but I “read” the masthead as ironic: it’s a line of women, not soldiers, and I’ve always imagined that in a few minutes, they’re all going to put down their rifles and go to meet their kids at their respective school bus stops. In other words, they are suburbinites, the kind of people least likely to join a revolution and become guerilla fighters — the kind of people who have absolutely no need to learn how to use a firearm (it does look like some sort of class, with everyone lined up and dressed alike, like we had to be for high school gym).

    But maybe that’s because whatever I’m doing, it always seems like it’s time to get to the school bus stop in a minute or two.

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