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  1. Of interest…

    The final legal authority of the United States Government, its
    Supreme Court, spoke clearly on the militia issue in its 2008
    decision District of Columbia vs. Heller. According to that opinion
    published for that decision, militias may be Citizen Organized. In
    other words, the Supreme Court (speaking as the final “decider” of
    the Federal Government) requires Citizen Organized Militias.

    * Pursuant to District of Columbia vs. Heller, 100s of
    inhabitants of Tennessee State, who are jealous of their defending
    their God-given (as well as civil) rights–for which countless
    patriots have given their lives–and not in vain–are now restoring
    the “Tennessee State Militia” as a “Citizen Organized Militia,”
    keeping in mind Chapter 61 of The Magna Carta as their inspiration–
    and also inspired by the memory of Sir William Wallace, who fought
    English tyranny to restore Magna Carta rights.

    The Tennessee State Militia (Citizen Organized) as its
    organizational laws, will observe and adhere to The Constitution f
    Tennessee State, and the existing and unrepealed Tennessee General
    Assembly’s Militia Laws: Acts of 1831, 1833, 1840, 1842-44, 1846,
    1849-50, 1852, 1856-58, 1860-81, 1885, 1887, 1889, 1893 & 1917 —
    and also respecting the much later T.C.A. Acts 1933, ch. 128, TGA
    Acts 1970, ch. 596, et. al.

    Yours in liberty,

    Cloud William, State Organizer

    “We are going to fight for the reestablishment of our… charactor,
    misunderstood and vilified at home…” General Andrew Jackson,
    Tennessee Militia, Commanding (1812)

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