Don’t go away mad, Sarah

Just go away.

I admit, Sarah, I’ve had trouble taking you seriously ever since Matt Taibbi in “Griftopia” absolutely nailed your persona as a Piedmont Airways flight attendant, only without the polyester neck scarf. I keep picturing you leaning in and asking, “Would you like a beverage?” with that sort of professional “warmth.”

But you’re not that benign — and clearly, you don’t see your job as that of serving. You’re narcissistic, and reckless. You’ll say or do almost anything to get a wave of emotion out of your followers. You feed on both the adoration — and the attacks.

Now, I realize that someone sat you down after the unhappy intersection of your “bullseye” map and the shootings in Tucson and explained to you that you had to make a public statement. But of course you insisted that ultimately, it would still be about you.

Of course it would.

And that’s how your “statement” turned out to be an extended exercise in self-defense. (“Blood libel,” Sarah? Really?) You’re whiny, and vindictive. Because you think small, Sarah. You are small.

The kind of people who love you? They’re small, too. They love seeing themselves reflected in you. They love being victims, they love being urged to “reload”. They’re armchair revolutionaries who fantasize holding hated political figures at gunpoint.

I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for you, too. I’m a liberal, I can’t help it.

Because that whole “us against the evil world” thing is so spiritually impoverished. It’s grounded in hostile self-defense, and it’s destructive. Where’s the creative spark of the divine in saying no and tearing down? In division instead of inclusion? In just plain lying?

I hope the time has come for you to leave the national stage, Sarah. You’re just not a nice person, and you bring out the worst in people. Hell, you’re not even pretty, not really. Because when you’re attacking people, and you get that smug look on your face, you look as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside.

10 thoughts on “Don’t go away mad, Sarah

  1. Thanks Susie, you nailed it yourself-Sara I expect has a personality disorder, if she’s not a downright sociopath incapabale of empahty or any thing close to it.

  2. Few people know about this little ditty early in the life of America’s favorite imbecile. But I know, because I was there.

    During the Miss Alaska beauty pageant there actually was precedent that should’ve raised red flags as to Sarah Palin’s character and modus operandi. In fact, as she was answering those obligatory questions about fulfilling her roll if she were to be coronated, microphones in the vicinity of judges 3 and 4 picked up some interesting stuff…’If I was Miss, um, Miss Alaska, I would work tiredlessly for world peace…’
    “I’m not so sure about this one Charlie, I think there’s more here than meets the eye; seems to be a darker side she hasn’t done a very good job of hiding.”
    “Oh, you think she had something to do with the bra switch in the semis?”…’…an’ concentrate on the things that are most important to the citizens of Alaska…’
    “Well, you have to admit it’s kinda hard to get a 36D into a 34C and have it not stand out in the evening gown event…”
    “Haha, it WAS kinda funny watching her run off the stage in them heels, trying to stuff the suckers back in.”…’children’s books, special needs, teenage pregnancy, juv’nile delinquency…’
    “Yeah, talk about wardrobe malfunction; now THAT was a pair o’ nipples not to be forgotten…”…’law enforcement and ethics in government…’
    “Yeah, well, there were only three contestants left at that point, and I can’t imagine that it coulda been Miss Juneau, what with her having her own problems in the talent portion…”…’Anwar and Bristol Bay…’
    “Oh yeah, the Crazy Glue on the tuba mouthpiece, almost forgot about that…”…’polar bears and the Alaskan wolf…’
    “Well, that wasn’t the half of it; whoever it was waterbased her eyeshadow had a cold cold heart…”…’religious diversity…’
    “Boy, she looked like a friggin clown when she started crying, black running down her cheeks and dripping off her chin, ‘n her lips stuck like that…”…’and give something very special of myself back to native Alaskans…’
    “I think we oughta just disqualify her outright and send her back to Wasilla where she belongs.”
    “Yeah, I know you’re right; but Charlie, this’d be a cloud that’d hang over her head for life; she’d be the laughingstock of Alaska. Besides, she doen’t have any talent, no brain that I’ve seen; it’s not like she’s gonna have any relevance outside her kitchen curtains…where the hell is she gonna get into anymore trouble? Plus she’s so friggin…”

  3. Thank you.
    After everybody pointing out that article on LGM about the tools of rhetoric, I thought everybody would notice that the real word in her “blood libel” defense was blood.

  4. I don’t think so. The effect of light on the texture of the lower lip is accurate, and when I downloaded it and enlarged it, I didn’t see any of that rainbowy-smeary effect that comes with image altering, unless they are way better than I can hope to be.
    It probably wasn’t a conscious expression, probably caught in the midst of forming a word. What word, would be interesting to know.

  5. More than a few of us here in Cascadia – what was once The Republic of Oregon plus British Colombia and Southern Alaska (yes, a secessionary movement) – have at various times in the past ten years wished she would just leave. And she isn’t “from” Alaska, isn’t from the Pacific Northwest, isn’t a Cascadian… she’s from a part of Idaho that isn’t a part of Cascadia, isn’t a part of the Pacific Northwest.

    She’s a poser, a faker. I’ve no doubt her tits are fake as her eyelashes.

  6. God, I’m so sorry for saying this and I fully deserve any wrath from other commenters and Susie, but jesus can people not tell the difference between “roll” and “role”? This is the FIFTH time today someone has written roll when they mean role. You’re all smarter than I am. I expect better language skills from you. I know I’ll be sorry when I hit Submit Comment.

  7. K’s last post: “It probably wasn’t a conscious expression, probably caught in the midst of forming a word. What word, would be interesting to know.”
    A b-sound word? Blood libel?

  8. Love this post, Susie. Piedmont flight attendant. I’m reading Griftopia and, like you, got a kick out of that. So dead on.

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