Virtually Speaking Susie

VIRTUALLY SPEAKING  Monday Jan 17 – Sunday Jan 23

On Mondays, journalist and class warrior Susie Madrak explores the serious concerns and lighter hearted fancies of a host of guests, always with an eye and ear for the lives of working people. On Thursdays, Jay chats with well informed opinion makers in media, politics, science, etc. On Sundays, two writers from our media panel discuss developments of the week, highlighting issues neglected or misrepresented on the Sunday morning broadcasts.

MONDAY Jan 17 – 8pm pacific | 11pm eastern
Virtually Speaking Susie w/ Susie Madrak

Eric Boehlert writes for Media Matters. Previously a senior writer for Salon, and a contributing editor to Rolling Stone, he is the author of ‘Bloggers on the Bus’ and ‘Lapdog: How The Press Rolled Over For Bush.’
Nicole Sandler  hosts Radio or Not. A former Air America personality, she has taken up the banner of American’s whose employment insurance benefits have run out,