2 thoughts on “Kabletown

  1. The F.C.C. acknowledged Tuesday that the deal could create risks “to the development of innovative online video distribution services.”

    So, in certain cases, Comcast may be required to distribute certain programming on the Internet — if one of its rivals does so. “While you probably can’t make them be first, you probably can make them be second,” said a person familiar with the conditions. The person requested anonymity because the conditions had not been made public by the government.

    The conditions also set up an arbitration process when disputes arise between Comcast and other cable providers over access to any of NBC Universal’s cable channels.

    “We will be good to our word – and we will be respectful stewards of the strong and iconic assets of NBC Universal, particularly NBC News,” said David L. Cohen, an executive vice president at Comcast, in a letter about the regulatory approvals.

    And if they are not good to their word (can anyone see if he has his fingers crossed?), they’ll receive a sternly worded letter.

    And do remember, these cable monopolies love to charge for just about anything. So, be prepared.

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