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I put their emails into my spam folder a long time ago, but I decided to take someone’s suggestion and formally hit the unsubscribe button. Where it asks why you’re unsubscribing, I wrote:

The president doesn’t stand up for working people against the corporations. Cutting Social Security? Take me off your list.

Then I hit the submit button — ten minutes ago. It says it’s “processing.” I tried it five times; same result.

Gee, do you get the idea that it’s really important to claim they still have all the original mailing list members? Or that I’m not the only person trying to unsubscribe?

3 thoughts on “Organizing for America

  1. My trigger was Sept 09, when the Prez proclaimed support for the public option in a nationally televised speech, even while it was becoming increasing clear that, beginning the previous spring, his minions had repeatedly assured the health care corporations that there would be no public option. In fact, they had bargained away the public option for other financial and political support.

    It’s not nice to lie to the American public.

    But I have to say the unsubscribe process was simple, straightforward, and effective for me. Probably OFA’s best feature.

  2. I unsubscribed quite a while ago, not sure when, but when it became clear to me that neither Obama nor ‘OFA’ gave a shit about me and many others in my situation.
    I ‘unsubscribed’ to various organizations at the same time – I still see some show up in my ‘Spam’ folder.
    It simply became clear to me that neither Obama or Hillary Clinton would make a difference in my life – it’s clear to me now that no person would. An entire people could, we’re getting there. The Tea Party has one thing right: an incredible amount of anger and rage.
    Mostly directed at some of the same ‘institutions’ = The Tea Partiers are simply being mis-directed, purposely, by Billionaires.
    The rage on the left is actually mostly directed at the same ‘targets’, but the reasons and potential solutions are radically different. Or are they???
    Apparently, when you ask questions in a poll without assigning ‘labels’ to them, the answers are quite surprising.
    Do you believe in Socialism? NO!!!!
    Do you believe that the rich should pay more in taxes than the poor? YES!!!
    Go figure.

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