2 thoughts on “Screwed

  1. If they moved her from the office out to a register, it sounds like they were trying to force her out anyway. Still, she should have bought something for at least a dollar to cover the ATM charge the store had to pay on the transaction. Its a building supply store, not a bank.

    Customers used to do this at the supermarket where I was a cashier, and it irritated the hell out of me to give back $100 change for a candy bar or newspaper. They would say, “If I go to the bank ATM they will charge me.” Heck, yes, they will. Its a bank; that’s how they make their money. Don’t be emptying out my cash drawer to suit your own selfish convenience!

  2. Hey realist, lighten up! I’ve never had the experience of working
    as a cashier, but surely one would understand the overwhelming power of the banks and cut some slack for us little guys for a little change? Oh, I know—-it’s such a troublesome thing to have to ask Mr.Charlie if you can “re-stock” your cash drawer because , as you say, you are not a bank……………..isn’t there an old saying about arrogance and pride?

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