Snow boots

For the most part, for the last 15 years or so, we were more likely to have winter rain than snow. At some point, before that sank in, I bought these wonderful snow boots at the JCPenney outlet store. They were only $15 or so; I remember I was pretty broke when I found them but thought of them as an investment. (My niece, who at the time was attending University of Vermont, said these boots were on the recommended list they sent to new students.)

Well, we still rarely got snow — and during my last few moves, I considered donating them to the Goodwill, because they’ve heavy and take up room. But I kept them anyway, just in case.

Finally, it’s paid off. In the last two years, these babies have gotten more use than they have in the past ten! And one of my friends is out shopping today, looking for something just like them.

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