One thought on “Overworking

  1. I view the gist of this article as an outgrowth of the erosion of facets of the Individual as a legal construct, indeed a Founding construct, as embedded within our economy and our founding documents. (btw, just fab how this article dovetails w the one on the quiet unemployed).

    While I was scraping the ice off my windshield yesterday, the thought occurred to me that what our founders might have been thinking, about the balance btwn capitalism and socialism, is that, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an ‘I’.”

    Another someone else is on the same wavelength, too. Seen in today’s dkos post, among BiPM’s occasional roundup of poster sigs, I saw this:

    Unapologetically pro-citizen. Not anti-corporation just very pro-citizen. (CanYouBeAngryAndStillDream)

    I’ve been re-reading a few posts I’ve collected over the past few years, about what would have been the original 11th Amendment. See esp., last para, “What is to be done?”

    What I love seeing at this point in time is the blogosphere is now being peppered with the best contributions of the history buffs, the battle-proven labor warriors, policy wonks (the good ones), and those who fully grok how fulfillment of individual human potentials benefits the entire system. It’s like a creole whose flavor profile is almost exact with those of best and brightest founders, some of whom saw this coming and who now are tapping us on the shoulder to say, “Where the naysayers said this would never happen, now you are our proof. We’ve been waiting for you. Now finish our work. TIA.”

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