3 thoughts on “Uh oh

  1. Continued Cairo live blog. Protesters still holding the square. Looks like the action was by the museum, and the protesters drove back the pro-Mub forces with a metal barricade. Currently, a level of calm. 1000 casualties, one death. If the US government really wants to find out whether the violence was orchestrated by government forces, all the evidence they need is readily available to them. If they don’t want to call up AJ and ask for some film, they can ask their own European allies, who have “proof.”. Profiles in courage from pro-Mub forces, up in the dark out of reach on the rooftops, and throwing Molotov cocktails at the protesters below.

  2. Reporters on the scene, some within the pro-Mubarak forces and subject to beatings if caught out, were saying that 1) the pro-Mub groups had been organized along the Nile before being sent to the square, 2) some that were captured and turned over to the military had police or national oil company ID’s, 3) reporters said there were seeminly unending supplies being brought to the 6th of October Bridge overlooking the square to make the petrol bombs, which were thrown by the pro-Mubs, then sometimes anti-gov’t protesters tried to lob them back onto the bridge (didn’t make it), so eventually it looked as if both sides had the Molotov cocktails. But the source was the por-Mubs.

    Scariest time was watching the darkish camera shots and hearing the shooting. It had to have been like shooting fish in a barrel, as the pro-Mubs had the high ground of the bridge. Today, lambert put together the green lights with rifle targetting: two this morning were killed with head shots. Reporters kept saying –hoping?– that it was warning shots from the military to scare off the shooters. Not quite….

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