My God, I can’t believe how many people they’ve packed into the square. All those banner and flags waving — would you see that kind of enthusiasm in this country for anything that wasn’t a sporting event?

I was worried when I went to sleep, because they talked about tanks surrounding the square — but it looks like the army might be there to protect the demonstrators.

2 thoughts on “Cairo

  1. Check out this story of a reporter in Cairo on holiday who was with friends taking supplies to the anti-gov’t protesters in the square.

    They were put upon by pro-Mubarek thugs, followed by them as they drove away, asking for help from soldiers (none), police with soldiers present (really, really bad place to ask for help!).

    Harrowing. Worth reading.

  2. That most of the attacks are occurring outside the square today and most of yesterday seems to indicate the por-Mub thugs are under some pretty clear control.

    Altho it does sound as if the military today did take active steps to keep the pro-Mub thugs away from the 6th of October Bridge and out of the square.

    Sand Monkey, the blogger, ran into the pro-Mub thugs yesterday as he was taking supplies to the anit-gov’t protesters. Along with being beaten and then arrested, his car as well was destroyed. Just one form of punishing and terrorizing the public.

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