4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday

  1. AAAH! A full version! I didn’t know it existed–too cool! Then again, I only really became aware of Craig when he did an entire show with Stephen Fry, sans audience, and then when I found out he’s a Doctor Who fanboy, I was completely sold. Also too–didja know he used to be in a Glaswegian punk band called The Bastards From Hell with Peter Capaldi, of BBC’s “The Thick Of It/In The Loop” fame? Not to mention, he played Brad in Rocky Horror with Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy) as Dr. Frank N. Furter?

    Re: Doctor Who fanboyism–his musical tribute to Who that was *supposed* to open the show featuring the current Doctor, Matt Smith, is well worth the watching:


    I say “supposed” because idiot CBS didn’t know they legally couldn’t use the theme until minutes before showtime, and after they’d spend all day making it. (His hastily constructed/vitriol-laden alternative opening after being told it was verboten is worth watching, too. Doubt anyone lost their jobs over it, but I bet they weren’t sure they *wouldn’t* for a while.)

  2. “…after they’d SPENT all day…” SPENT, dammit, SPENT.

    I swear, English is rapidly becoming my second language.

  3. Anna, I could swear I saw that one on TV. Really. Could it have been a time zone thing (I’m East Coast)?

    I love, love, love Ferguson’s theme song, and I’ve admired how well he sings. I hadn’t realized it was his career. I also love his acting.
    And I am constantly amazed at how well he tells stories and also seems to extemporize.

    (Go, Pack!)

  4. Jawbone–two weeks after Matt Smith was on, CBS finally got the rights to air it, so Ferguson, after snarking all over his producers again about their ineptitude and their probable employment longevity, ran it at the beginning of the show–I think it was the one with Gary (ew) Sinise and Alex (River Song, also from Doctor Who) Kingston.

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