4 thoughts on “Indictment

  1. Yeah, nice window-dressing, but it’ll never happen in GW’s life-time. If anything, we may see a posthumous indictment, and perhaps a trail, but that’s about it.

  2. i agree it will never happen to bush. and honestly, any sitting president who is hauled into court abroad for crimes committed while in office would cause a major shitstorm. no matter who is president at the time, the country hearing the case would be leaned on and pressured to a huge extent until the ex-prez is set free.

    but that logic might not apply to lower-level policy makers. if i were the likes of john yoo, i would carefully consider any trip outside the u.s. and limit myself to countries that don’t have a practice of enforcing international law, places like china, saudi arabia and israel. definitely not anywhere in europe and even canada could be risky

  3. Suze, this is one of those posts that run all the way across the page and is partially hidden by The Banter Wire. Just sayin……………

  4. Just got a quick tip about our replies and your posts sometimes running across the page: no sooner than I posted the comment right before this one a pop-up ad came on my screen. I thought I had the pop-ups turne off, but I didn’t. As soon as I turned them off, I came back to your sight, and everything is working as it should. Thought you and some of the other readers would be interested.

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