2 thoughts on “The center

  1. The center of what? Hell, I used to be a democrat; now I find that my positions, which have not changed dramatically over the decades, are so far to the left that I should be loading molotov cocktails.

    His deference to Reagan, his constant courtship of the right (see O’Reilly et al.), his dismissal of liberal positions, and lately his humiliating pilgrimage to the Chamber of Commerce, tells me where he is.

    As for the blogs who are touting his liberal tendencies, well, I remember the discussion we had during the campaign, when Obama first brought up Reagan. Those blogs should go back and read their archives.

  2. I think he’s saying that he hasn’t changed his position rather than him defining his position as left or center or right. Perhaps the Left read too much into his message of “hope” to look at his actual record. Looks like Center-Right to me, Blue Dog territory (because the Right ran from the Center years ago).

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