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Juan Cole:

It is no secret that President Barack Obama has been in some regards a profound disappointment to the American Left, and his erratic and often disgraceful performance on the Egypt crisis exemplifies his faults in this regard. (Tom Engelhardt puts it best regarding the administration: “It has shown itself to be weak, visibly fearful, at a loss for what to do, and always several steps behind developing events.”) Obama just seems to lack empathy with the little people and is unwilling to buck the rich and powerful, even though they all opposed his run for the presidency. As Iran’s speaker of the house put it, the Obama administration, faced with a choice of supporting the youth revolution or the camels unleashed on it, has chosen the camels.

It makes a person think there should be rule that no one can run for the presidency who didn’t have a proper father figure in his or her life (Bill Clinton, W., Obama), since apparently once they get into office they start thinking the billionaires are their long-lost parent, whom they have to bend over backward to please.

Again, may I recommend to you the book “Washington” by Meg Greenfield? Best description of Beltway thinking ever.

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  1. I totally disagree with this guy’s notion that having the right kind of father figure should be a prerequisite to the path to the presidency:what kind of horseshit is that? That’s total and absolute bullshit. The next thing you know we’ll have some idiots wanting to qualify potential presidents based on some other ridiculous qualifiers like having an original birth certificate, or something! And BTW, I’m rarely in agreement with Obama, but in the Egyptian scenario, I believe he’s really having to tread lightly lest he be called out for his secretive wishes to have his anti-American Muslim Brotherhood take over after Mubarack leaves office.

  2. i also think he’s done a better job on egypt than he has on most other issues. dealing with something like this is really difficult as if he overtly comes out in support of the protesters it opens the protesters up to the charge that they are a bunch of foreign stooges and has a lot of potential to backfire.

    what matters more is what back channel signals he’s sending to the military, the institution that really does have a lot of power to determine the outcome of this crisis and also an institution that is mostly funded by u.s. taxpayers. what is going on with those channels is not something any of us really has any way of knowing.

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