Police state

Sounds like every cop in Wisconsin’s at the Capitol today. From Uppity Wisconsin:

An anonymous State Patrol officer cited Wisconsin State Statute 110.07(2m) which says in part that, “No state traffic officer shall be used in or take part in any dispute or controversy between employer or employee concerning wages, hours, labor or working conditions… .”

Aware of this, many of the state troopers who were ordered to mobilize this week in response to protests at the Capitol reportedly voiced strenuous objections to their managers. They were ordered to deploy regardless, without any rationale being offered for why the statute might not be applicable in this instance.

But what are a few violations of state law here and there when you’re a besieged governor trying to undo the peoples’ work?

3 thoughts on “Police state

  1. I just searched the NYT for “Wisconsin.” Nothing since a 2/11 story about the gov’s proposal. Nothing about the demonstrations, nothing about the Packers, nothing about the illegal use of state police. Nothing, nichts, nada, rien… I guess they’re too busy promoting our next invasion.

    WAPO has a story today as well as an ed by Meyerson.

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