Just say no

It’s clear to me that the Republican Governor’s Association came up with a plan that governors would turn down any federal projects (presumably because they would create jobs and they want people to suffer because they’re more likely to vote Obama out) and that they’d break the state employees union.

You don’t have to be a genius to see the pattern. Do the media whores think this is spontaneously bubbling up from the ground?

One thought on “Just say no

  1. Hhmmm…we need a leaks! Someone, please get the goods on this group and get the leaks to WikiLeaks!

    Or, maybe Anonymous could do a nice thorough hacking job?

    We’re not going to get real information from our Inglorious Lapdog Press (ILP–does that work? Need something catchy, like ULP maybe. Something which capture the nature of the supine press…).

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