US Uncut action alert

Philadelphia, PA, Sat 26th Feb 2011

At approximately Noon, we are planning to protest outside of Comcast’s Headquarters in resistance to their dodging taxes and using NBC to spout propaganda in favor of cuts to public services.

For locating its Headquarters in Center City, Comcast was given 42.75 million dollars from the State, and pays no taxes for the first 10 years. The construction firm that built the Headquarters, Liberty Property Trust, received 30 million dollars from the State. These subsidies and tax cuts could save the AdultBasic program that Governor Corbett has gutted, which provided over 45,000 low-income Pennsylvanians with health insurance.

Other details on Comcast’s malfeasance are forthcoming.

One thought on “US Uncut action alert

  1. You might want to add in the tax breaks and taxpayer funding that propped up the installation of cable across the nation. And the damage that the comcast monopoly on media has done to the fabric of the nation. Protest hell. Burn em down.

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