5 thoughts on “Being Scott Walker

  1. I have to agree with the commenters who think the Koch bros. and Repubs are after every single thing they can get.

    Sever UW-Madison from the rest of the system with Walker naming the board of governors? Check.

    Destroy unions. Check. Weaken anyone who doesn’t support ConservaCrazy Repubs? Check.

    Giveways to the wealthy oligarchs? Check. (If they support Repubs)

    Governor control all Medicaid (health care for poor)? Check.

  2. In the final analysis, the pussy who sits in the Oval Office MUST support unions around the copuntry if he wants to have a chance to get a 2nd term.

  3. Dandy has it half right. The wrong part is the union support. The people who PAY these outlandish salaries & benny packages (read the taxpayers of Wisconsin) are pretty much with the Guvnah on this one. If the Noo Yawk Times is running an article stating such on the FRONT PAGE of today’s edition these people are going under the bus. What are they going to do…vote Republican?

  4. I read that same article, and all it means is that people have been so brainwashed by the right-wing narrative, they now think it’s more fair to make everyone else poor than it is to raise all salaries to union level. It’s going to take a while to educate people.

  5. Why do I know about this no bid privatization/giveaway of utilities, when I have no dog in the fight and in fact am half a world away? I’m not even paying that much attention. Where the fuck are the mainstream reporters on this? Why is the reporting discourse so full of distractions and horseshit lacking in substance? The day light robberies going unnoticed seems to be the norm.

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