Rally in Trenton NJ

This Friday at noon.

Wisconsin’s huge response to Governor Scott Walker’s outrageous “budget repair bill” is a stark reminder to each of us that the power is in our hands to shape the quality of our lives. Our first priority must be the well-being of hard-working American families. Aren’t they the ones who have disproportionately suffered from the struggling economy, rising health care costs, and corporate irresponsibility and greed?

Solidarity events are being organized all across the country this week. Join thousands of New Jersey residents in Trenton this Friday.

Stand Up for Working People!
Rally at 12 Noon at the Statehouse
Friday, February 25, 2011

In New Jersey, our Governor and many legislators are trying to legislate away job security for teachers, civil service rights for State and Local Government workers, and healthcare and pension benefits for us all. Everyone can see it: Wisconsin may have been first, but New Jersey is next.

We must bring the movement of thousands of workers in Wisconsin here to New Jersey to prevent Christie and his allies in the State Legislature from eliminating workers’ rights.

All over the State on Friday, union members from the private and public sector and their allies will wear red. Thousands of workers will converge on the Trenton State House where they will be joined by Wisconsin Workers, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, leaders of Unions and our community allies.

We need you to join in this Fight. We need you AND your family members to come to the Rally and to wear RED on Friday. Stand up for the middle class!

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