When Gov. Scott Walker talks to David Koch

Holy crap, you have to hear this. A blogger pretends to be oil billionaire and Walker supporter David Koch and calls Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker:

Confirmed: Governor Walker’s office confirms in a statement that prank Koch call was really Walker: http://wapo.st/i4hFu4

5 thoughts on “When Gov. Scott Walker talks to David Koch

  1. Wow… When Koch asked if troublemakers planted in the crowds would be useful, Walker answered that “we’d thought about that,” but that they felt it was necessary. So, one, they considered it as an option, and two, they only didn’t act on it not because it’s wrong (and possibly illegal,) but because it wasn’t deemed necessary.

    Just wow.

  2. If this is true, then boy, are Walker and his staff gullible. No wonder they believe every rightwing talking point.

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