Crazy silly wingnut

Another hotdog Republican governor. How dumb is this? Even the other Florida Republicans think he’s crazy!

Florida Governor Rick Scott, defending his rejection of $2.4 billion from the Obama administration for a high-speed rail project, said the program would have been a bad deal for taxpayers.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood rejected Scott’s criticism as “baloney.”

Scott, facing objections from Democrats and fellow Republicans in his state for nixing the planned Tampa-to-Orlando rail line this month, said such projects historically cost more to build than budgeted and lose money once in operation.

“I don’t want our taxpayers to fund that,” Scott said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend. He said he didn’t need to review bids from private businesses that said they would cover any potential overruns.

“It was never going to happen,” Scott said, adding that the state would have had to repay the $2.4 billion if the program failed.

LaHood, in an interview at the Bloomberg News Washington bureau, said of Scott, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“I don’t know of anybody else except for the governor who thinks that this would be a bad deal,” LaHood, a Republican and former member of Congress from Illinois, said later on Bloomberg Television. The project “would have put an enormous number of Floridians to work. It would have helped people that are unemployed. It would have helped the economy. So he’s the lone ranger on this.”

3 thoughts on “Crazy silly wingnut

  1. There is something peculiar about this high speed rail issue. I am seeing comments about it pop up in letters to the editor, opinion columns (Thomas Sowell a couple of days ago) and even a press release by my blue-dog DemoRep Senator, “No-Show” Joe Manchin.

    I am wondering if this has not been astro-turfed by some interest (the airlines come to mind or maybe even the existing railroads themselves) that wants to stifle any kind of improvements to the rail transportation grid.

  2. Do you think the OIL COMPANIES want us to have TRAINS TO RIDE that DO NOT USE OIL? C’mon, they are practically running the entire planet, and pulling every dirty trick in the book to keep us having to use OIL, not to change the status quo, that’s why we don’t have enough solar power, wind farms, hydro power, etc etc etc – those select few power-hungry, greedy bastidges do not care about ANYTHING let alone what kind of planet their grandchildren will inherit (because those select few will have enough money to live in a climate-controlled bubble-world, I guess) – if we had high speed rail like Europe it would be FANTASTIC and the gas stations/oil companies would really suffer – they just can’t allow that to happen…

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