2 thoughts on “Letter from a teacher

  1. First off, why does this post not contain her current wage? Interesting……

    Now let us take a look at some of the statements:
    I feel less and less that way when I read angry tweets and newspaper comments about my profession.
    Hell you think the rest of us don’t have angry comments about our professions? My sister teaches in a private school & she gets little citicism about her performance. I wonder why.

    Maybe I shouldn’t read what angry tax paying trolls write and say on the internet

    Those “angry trolls” pay your salary! AND it is quite a bit more than they make to boot. They have lost their jobs & maybe their homes but what have public sector employees lost? Why should you be insulated from this economic reality because you are employed by Government? Besides what do expect when reports like THIS keep on coming out. They can’t ALL be lies.

    I read that I am greedy, or a tool of greedy union bosses.

    You may not be greedy but you are being used by your union to a certain degree. It is why they are willing to sell you out as long as their share ain’t touch.

    Take it from my sister. Get out of the public sector teaching profession & it all ends.

  2. Kevin, I realize you think unions are evil, but teaching in the private sector does not provide a living wage. One of my relatives has taught in Catholic schools for three decades, and this person’s salary only a few years ago broke into the low twenties. On retirement, this dedicated teacher will get a cushy pension of $110 a month. Catholic school teachers are usually women, and married, because they can’t afford to live on their own paychecks and count on their spouses to carry the financial weight.

    Every single teacher I know is incredibly dedicated, no matter where they teach. All of them pay money out of their own pockets to buy classroom supplies. The ones I know who make the higher salaries have at least one masters degree. If your employer provides the means for you to get additional education and training for your job, and offers a higher salary if you successfully complete it, do you see that as a bad thing?

    All the anti-union people I know have a list of anecdotes a mile long they think “proves” unions are bad. None of them have ever heard of a single abuse by management, or of corporate executives. Interesting world!

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