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Activists have staged protests at more than 40 bank branches across the country in protest at executive bonuses and cuts in public services.

UK Uncut said demonstrators set up creches, laundries, school classrooms, libraries, homeless shelters, drama clubs, walk-in clinics, youth centres, job centres and leisure centres at branches of RBS, NatWest and Lloyds across the country.

In other words, all the services that are being cut under the new austerity plan.

At midday in Islington, north London, 50 activists set up a laundry in an RBS branch in reaction to alleged council moves to cut services to the elderly, including a much-needed laundry service.

They set up washing lines, clothes horses, buckets for handwashing and a team of window cleaners on the outside. The protest was attended by over 15 pensioners and local Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn.

One thought on “UKUncut

  1. However, in this country, those protesters would most certainly be arrested. We have freedom of speech, but private property rights trump that at all times (except where some judges saw malls as part of the public space).

    Here’s a comment that might be made by a US bank spokesperson, but the actions would have meant having the protesters hauled away by the police.

    An RBS spokeswoman said: “We fully respect the right to peaceful protest. Minimising disruption to our customers is our priority.”

    In this country, the number would have to huge for the protest to continue.

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