Good news from David Dayen:

Dale Schultz, the Republican State Senator who has been on the fence on the budget repair bill that will strip away public employee collective bargaining rights, will vote against the bill, according to protest organizer leadership. According to the Capitol City Leadership Committee, Schultz told State Sen. Lena Taylor (D) that he’s a no on the bill.

And here’s the bad news: Capitol police were welding the windows shut this morning to make sure protesters didn’t have access to food and supplies.

Blocking access to the Capitol is illegal under the state Constitution.

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin

  1. Wonder if it required some kind of building permit since the Capitol is a historic landmark….

    But, Walker makes his own laws, eh?

    But, good grief, sure seems like a fire hazard to me. And the 100 year anniversary of the Shirtwaist Factory Fire is coming up on March 25. March 25, 1911.

    Walker would have been in favor of locking workers in, no doubt.

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