5 thoughts on “Duh

  1. I’m not afraid of getting my knees broken. Indeed, would one to approach me with said intent, they’d best do it, because that’s what I’ll do to them. Go ahead, point a gun at me, see what happens.

    My son was watching the History Channel the other night about stuff in the sixties and seventies. Saw a video of some young long haired freaky type tossing a tear-gas grenade back at ’em. Tried to call me but I was asleep, so he drove thirty-two miles into town to ask.

    Yes, son, that’s me in the photo, having lost my innocence.

  2. If the US Treasury Dept. would issue $1 bills instead of $1 notes, we could use the bills to pay off the Federal Reserve Central Bankers, and eliminate the interest bearing debt. Lincoln did this after the Civil War, but the Rockefeller and Rothschild cartel had him assassinated, and the bankers went back to business as usual. Remember that the Fed is not part of the government, they are a collection of bankers who OWN the government. Servicing this debt is the only reason we still have an income tax; must maintain the redistribution of wealth in an upward direction.

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