7 thoughts on “Prescription painkillers

  1. Thanks, Big Pharma!

    I wonder what the Uterine Police will do with this one. Can’t wait!

  2. just me — I don’t think the Uterine Police will do anything, cuz it doesn’t look like the drugs caused any abortions or prevented any pregnancies. They don’t care what happens after the birth.

  3. Well, maybe all the rehab places will make a lot of money. FOR THE FETUSES!

    Sweet Jesus, I hate America. Go ahead, I HOPE you argue with me.

    (Not you, Stephanie. I’m just letting off steam.)

  4. Drink your Kool-Aid, children, take your Ambien, your Prosaic, Ritalin, Viagra and crotch-shots on Faux News. Ignore the man behind the curtain and smile.

  5. Yes, Ten Bears. I know.

    And what’s the point of me even commenting here or anywhere else?


    Also, I'm very tired. (Prosaic? Good one!)

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