5 thoughts on “Sen. Dale Schultz

  1. So, I might support another Republican? That would be two in my lifetime.
    We’ll see.

  2. He isn’t serious. It’s a Bait Trap.

    If the Dems fall for this, and return– even if two more GOPers mouth the same words– they don’t deserve to hold office. I guarantee you that Schultz will be the one leading his fellow GOPers out of the Chamber, laughing his ass off, on the way to the party whiskey sexy.

    Right now, we are seeing a Fascist Power Grab, and nothing less. There is no such thing as a GOPer who can be trusted on his/her word, at any level– Local to Federal. To do so is suicide.

    GOP Lucy will ALWAYS yank the football away at the last moment. GOP Lucy has no honor.


  3. I sure hope they hang tough. Walker is such an asshole douchebag.

    Hmmm, I guess that would be an ENEMA! (Oh Lord, I do crack myself up sometimes.)

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