What Digby said:

Frustrated Democratic lawmakers and interest groups have been railing to White House aides that Mr. Obama is forfeiting opportunities to draw the public’s attention to what the Republicans’ cuts would mean for programs popular with most voters, including the coveted independents. The aides respond that the time will come for Mr. Obama to join the attack, should Republicans press their agenda and refuse to compromise…

Similarly, the White House mostly has sought to stay out of the fray in Madison, Wis., and other state capitals where Republican governors are battling public employee unions and Democratic lawmakers over collective bargaining rights. When West Wing officials discovered that the Democratic National Committee had mobilized Mr. Obama’s national network to support the protests, they angrily reined in the staff at the party headquarters.

Administration officials said they saw such events beyond Washington as distractions from the optimistic “win the future” message Mr. Obama introduced with his State of the Union address, exhorting the country to increase spending for some programs even as it cuts others so that America can “out-innovate and out-educate” its global rivals.

I wonder if he mentioned to the Egyptians and Charlie Sheen that they were stepping on his WTF message too? I mean, how rude of people to get off message when the White house is trying to convince the country that they should believe him over their lying eyes (and empty pocketbooks.)

By the way, that last graph is a quote from Digby, not me.

2 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Even if you had a ‘leventydimensional chess board, we wouldn’t know what to do with it. Just way, way over our heads. But that’s the politics. Ever’one gets the policy message: WTF!

    I can hardly wait for 2012: WTF with Barry!!!!!

    Woke up dis mornin’, look aroun’ fo’ my shoes,
    You know ’bout dat, babe, got dem ole walkin’ blues

    Hey, Barry, if you’re headed to Madison I got a pair you can borrow. WTF.

  2. Obama does not work for us. He works for the oligarchs and the Uberwealthy. Expect nothing good from him. If there is anything, it’s to try to win some votes for his reelection attempt.

    He’s sending Biden over to the Repubs to give things away. We’ve seen the Obama et al negotiating MO before; it is not used to help the little people.

    And there are precious few DC Dems who give a damn about us either.

    Time for organizing a party which represents the people’s goals and needs.

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