11 thoughts on “Trying to defund Planned Parenthood

  1. “unacceptable government mandate on employers with moral objections to these services,”

    I gotta come up with some bullshit line that I can stand on and claim high ground. It would make life so much easier.

  2. No, it’s not about sex. It’s not about abortion, it’s not about contraception, and it’s not about “sex”… it’s about controlling women. I am at times pretty snarky abut the white-dogs and their fat asses, fat bellies, pink sink, bald heads, flat feet, and propensity to irrational subscription to adolescent fairy tales to explain away the dark; how they are a dying breed that on a sub-conscious level know it, and the viciousness of their behavior is nothing more than a trapped rat chewing off its tail in its death throes. Ten thousand years ago the jew/christian/muslim cult of male domination usurped women’s rightful place in the natural order of the world and today they are losing that control. Trapped rats chewing off their tails in their death throes.

  3. When I was a clerk at a supermarket, I had objections to selling alcohol and cigarettes, but nobody would have seriously considered allowing me to refuse to check out people with those deadly destructive substances.

    Lets wait and see whether the drug companies weigh in on this issue when they begin to lose some profits on contraceptives. If that happens, “moral principles” will go out the window quick.

  4. When I was a clerk (two weeks) at a gas/convenience store, I had objections to even being around pornography much less selling it (I didn’t see it when I applied for the job.). Thank the good lord that I was only there for two weeks, otherwise I might have had to get to preaching.

    I’ve had feminist sensibilities for a long time so all this BULLSHIT really gets on my nerves. Profits? I don’t give a goddamn shit.

  5. i think the blind hogs find more truffles since they root for them with their snouts.

    but anyway…i’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop since friggin’ 20003…thought i might get a respite with obama, but no…i wish all this threatened shit would just happen already so the bottom can really finally fall out and we can get back to rebuilding this country. or something.

  6. What does this mean? Am I a blind hog now?

    Truffles are for rich folks, right?

    My snout. What’s wrong with my snout? WTF?

  7. Do you mean that you like pornography, Ten Bears?

    This makes me tired. Am I on Dailykos?

  8. By the way, susie, I never click on your links to dailykos. I gave them up a LONG time ago…mostly because of their stance on pornography. There were arguments.

    JTYSK. (That just means: Just Thought You Should Know).

    Ten Bears, I’m re-evaluating my relationship with you. Oops. You’re DONE.

  9. This is where I should have said (though I said it elsewhere) that I am sometimes a dumbass. Forgive me, Ten Bears.

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