Virtually Speaking Susie

Tonight’s show at 11 pm EST (next week we move to 9 pm) will feature Charles Pierce, the author of “Idiot America” who blogs at Altercation and writes for the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. Also joining in is Philadelphia Daily News writer Will Bunch, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who is also the author of “Tear Down This Myth,” “Backlash” and most importantly for tonight’s purposes, “Jukebox America.”

No politics tonight: I’m asking two journalists who love music to share their “desert island discs” — what 10 albums would they take if they were stranded on a desert island?

Call in with questions, comments or your own list to 646-200-3440. Click here to tune in!

3 thoughts on “Virtually Speaking Susie

  1. NO COMMENTS?!! Jesus tikka masala, as Athenae’d say.
    “Revolver”, definitely. Richard and Linda, but “I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight”. Dylan/the Band, “The Basement Tapes”. And I’ll see your Spector box and raise you “The Red Bird Story”, if only for the Shangri-Las and all the other undersung great girlgroups. I’m an Ann Arbor girl, so “Raw Power” by the Stooges. Joni, but I have to go with “Blue”, though I lurve “For The Roses” too. New stuff–Arcade Fire’s “Funeral”. Punk/new wave–”The Undertones” and The Pretenders first two and “2000 Miles” just because. Soul: “Al Green’s Greatest Hits”. “Sly & The Family Stone–Anthology”, for some of the songs you guys talked about, but “Thank You (Falettinmebemiceelfagin)” and “Everybody Is A Star”. “Thank You” was like the origin of post–James Brown funk. Oh, one more new one: MIA/Diplo’s “Piracy Funds Terrorism”. And since I’m hearing you talk about the Beach Boys as I type, “The Beach Boys Today”–completely underrated. And YES, Todd. “The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren”. Big Star? “Radio City”…”You Get What You Deserve”? “Oh My Soul”? “I’m In Love With A Girl”? AAAAAHHH!!! And, um, the entire Replacements catalog except for “Don’t Tell A Soul”. (Westerberg once let me into a “Let It Be” era show at Al’s Bar in L.A. through the back door [I’d forgotten my ID and they wouldn’t let me in] in exchange for two packs of Marlboro 100’s.)

    GREAT, great VS, Susie–a nice break from Bizarroworld politics. “Do it again, do it again, we like it, we like it!” (“Be True To Your School”, like you didn’t know.)

  2. Oh, and I can’t sign off before adding: in lieu of a Kate and Anna McGarrigle’s Greatest Hits, “Dancer With Bruised Knees”. (And if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and YouTube Kate’s last live performance, a beautiful song called “Proserpina”, from one of their Xmas shows. Not an HD pro-shot video, but you’ll cry all the same.)

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