3 thoughts on “Exactly

  1. you know, it’s hard to care sometimes. It’s hard to care about NPR because they won’t defend themselves. And it’s also hard to care because NPR does a shitload of deceptive reporting and water-carrying.

    I mean seriously, how difficult is it to say “this was a scam pulled by a well-known con artist who has done this exact same thing repeatedly. The tape is a fraud, it’s been edited dishonestly, and O’Keefe can go pound sand.” Instead NPT opts to roll over, essentially carrying more water. “you’re right, we are horribly biased liberals. Congress should defund us.”

  2. Yeah brendancalling, if this keeps up——O’Keefe, the village con artist running loose——-it won’t be long before Congress will be funding FOX, or a subsidiary thereof………………!

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