‘If you live within driving distance of Wisconsin, go there now’

Michael Moore on Rachel Maddow:

MOORE: “This is war, this is a class war that’s been leveled against the working people of this country… The fact that they think they can get away with this… What happened three years ago in 2008… they realized that they could get away with murder. They realized that they could literally loot the treasury, they could play with people’s pension funds on Wall Street, they could destroy the economy, they could essentially do what they could to eliminate the middle class, and there would be no response from the people. There would be no revolt. People would just take it. And people just took it.”

[…] “These protests do matter – in fact, this is one of the few times I can say that in my lifetime – actually going to a demonstration has made a difference. And people have got to come out of their homes tomorrow… They’re planning a huge rally in Madison on Saturday afternoon…”

[…] “We’re not broke. Wisconsin isn’t broke. America isn’t broke. We have trillions of dollars in our economy. The problem is the money isn’t where it needs to be. Those 400 people – … upper 1% and their allies – took that money out of circulation. They took that money and it’s not there anymore. And they’re not being taxed appropriately, and that’s why that money isn’t there. There’s a revenue problem.

That’s all there is. It’s not because there’s debt. There’s always debt. If you’re making car payments, you’re in debt. That doesn’t mean you’re broke. Wisconsin isn’t broke. America isn’t broke. The money’s just not in the people’s hands. It’s in the hands of the rich. The rich who committed these crimes back on Wall Street and they got away with it.

I brought these with me (SHOWS HANDCUFFS). I’d like anybody who works on Wall Street, anybody who works for one of the banks, just take a look at this. This is what is coming for you. Because the people aren’t going to take it anymore. The people are going to demand justice, they’re going to demand that your ass is in jail.

You’ve taken our money. We want the money back. You’ve taken our jobs overseas. We want those jobs back. Those are a national resource. Those are not yours to do with as you please. They affect all of us as a society. We have a right to those jobs. We have a right to that money that used to belong to the people of this country.

A million people evicted from their homes, foreclosed, this year. Another million expected this year.

How many…? I want to again, if I can, just address the Wall Streeters and the banksters out there: How many more people do you think you can throw out of their homes before they do revolt?”

[…] “It’s mostly all northern states. Because the Republican Party, especially, has controlled pretty much the South for the better part of the past few decades, and now they’re trying to take that philosophy and claim these northern states. And they will win. They will win, if people don’t stand up. The good news is that they really are just tools – the Republicans – for this upper one percent that has all the loot. The good news is that there’s a lot more of us than there are of them…. but if we don’t act, they will take it away.”