Kneejerk capitulation

Why is Wonkette’s coverage so much better than the rest of the media?

Whenever that James O’Keefe guy puts out another heavily edited video against some liberal bogeyman, both the White House and the Washington/New York media quickly fire everyone involved — because the only rational way to deal with claims made by partisan pranksters is to simply punish anyone targeted. That’s why Shirley Sherrod was immediately fired by the White House while the Lame Stream Media nodded approvingly and only Wonkette bothered to look at the allegedly damning video closely enough to see that Breitbart’s crew had carefully edited it to make Sherrod sound like a raving racist. Likewise, the firing of NPR executive Ron Schiller and his CEO boss was cheered by the liberal media and got solemn nods from Democrats in Washington. Only Glenn Beck’s reporters at his website, The Blaze, bothered to watch the unedited footage and note that the various bombshells in the video were taken out of context (the opinions of others made to look like the opinions of Schiller, for example) and that Schiller’s pro-Republican statements were (obviously) all cut out of the video released by O’Keefe.

Here’s the unedited section with Ron Schiller discussing the opinions of a senior Republican lawmaker and a major GOP donor. While Schiller seems to agree with the characterization of the Tea Party people at the end of this anecdote, it’s obvious he is quoting Republicans uneasy with the teabaggers here.

Go read it, even if it kills me that the Blaze did actual journalism.

4 thoughts on “Kneejerk capitulation

  1. So? Is NPR going to rehire the poor slobs or are they going to sue for wrongful dismissal (including Breitbart and O’Keefe)?

  2. Hasn’t Shirley Sherrod sued Breitbart?

    What I’d like to know is whether or not O’Keefe’s current edited video attack in any way breaks the conditions of his parole? or was he only prohibited from illegal activities within LA?

    I also don’t get why NPR didn’t have the resources to analyze the video tape — and Beck did??? Sheesh. What a Bizarro World. I guess that once the Versailles courtiers were given the Powers That Be’s talking points, NPR dared not look out of step.

    Also, why did so many of the reporters on NPR immediately leap to attacking not only the fundraiser but also their president? What was that really about?

    This is insane. I can’t get over that an organization which actually helped the poor was destroyed by lying vidographers, a woman doing good work in the Ag Dept was fired based on lying editing of a tape, and now…this.

    Have no decent people any backbone any more?

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