MORE UPDATE: They’re sending them back in. Sounds like a suicide mission.

UPDATE: They’ve pulled all the workers now, radiation levels are too high. Not good.

What brave men:

A small crew of technicians, braving radiation and fire, became the only people remaining at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station on Tuesday — and perhaps Japan’s last chance of preventing a broader nuclear catastrophe.

They crawl through labyrinths of equipment in utter darkness pierced only by their flashlights, listening for periodic explosions as hydrogen gas escaping from crippled reactors ignites on contact with air.

They breathe through uncomfortable respirators or carry heavy oxygen tanks on their backs. They wear white, full-body jumpsuits with snug-fitting hoods that provide scant protection from the invisible radiation sleeting through their bodies.

They are the faceless 50, the unnamed operators who stayed behind. They have volunteered, or been assigned, to pump seawater on dangerously exposed nuclear fuel, already thought to be partly melting and spewing radioactive material, to prevent full meltdowns that could throw thousands of tons of radioactive dust high into the air and imperil millions of their compatriots.

3 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. Joe Cirincione on my TV saying “this is way past Three Mile Island….”

    Uh, guess so. And so much for the happy, happy talk about how things were going at the nuke site. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

    Oh, please, let people be safe, stay safe.

    The government doubled the amount of radiation the workers were permitted to be exposed to. I think these workers have sacrificed themselves to try to save others.

  2. NYTimes The Lede reports there was mistranslation of remarks about all workers leaving nuke site: Seems small group remaining.

    The Times’s Hiroko Tabuchi reports that a small group of workers remains at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, contrary to what an English translation of the chief cabinet secretary’s remarks had implied.

    Nightline reporting 3 sides of containment walls are leaking radiation. Still reporting all workers have stopped work due to high radiation.

    Well, eventually, we’ll know…something.

  3. Well, one thing’s certain now. “Volunteers to sacrifice themselves” They’re obviously not Libertarians or Republicans.

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