Social Security

It’s so strange, how many Democrats refuse to believe what’s going on. Even Obama’s own political advisors warn against it – but, as Digby points out, Geithner is leading the charge:

…This is a particularly bankrupt and almost desperate move that makes little economic sense unless the Treasury Dept has now literally bought into the idea that they need to sacrifice human beings to appease the market Gods.

At A Night Light:

Reality check: Nobody’s proposing ‘entitlement reform.’ That term is a cloaking device for ugly intentions, a meaningless manufactured phrase cooked up by some highly-paid consultant that diminishes the sum total of human understanding every time it’s used. It’s a euphemism for deep cuts to programs that are vital and even life-saving for millions of elderly and poor people, but it’s politically unpalatable to say that. So it became necessary to come up with yet another cognition-killing term designed to numb us from the human toll of our political actions. “Entitlement reform” is the new “collateral damage.”

But this time the collateral damage is us.

Try to remember this the next time it seems like too much trouble to go to a rally, or call your congressman.

One thought on “Social Security

  1. I am sitting here right now watching over my 81 year old mother who is crippled with arthritis and essentially bed-fast. Without her $900/month Social Security check and Medicare she would be living in absolute poverty or dead. Even at that we are still paying doctors and hospitals the co-payments for her hospitalizations a year ago.

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