The war on Social Security continues

Pay attention to the growing push to cut Social Security in the name of “austerity.” (And yes, far too many Dems are involved.) The bond boys whisper in the president’s ear, while the campaign ops try frantically to convince him it’s political suicide. (Because it is.) And Bernie Sanders, God bless ‘im, continues to fight on while NPR regurgitates the propaganda:

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint acknowledges there is a risk in pressing now for Social Security reforms.

“It is politically dangerous, but I think the mood of the country is different than it has been [at] any time in my lifetime,” DeMint said. “They expect us to do things to stop the bankrupting of the country.”

DeMint wants to let people under 55 set up personal retirement accounts as an alternative to paying into Social Security.

And that’s why Maryland Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski is deeply suspicious of the GOP push for reform.

“I think it’s a stalking horse for those who want to privatize Social Security,” she said. “They want Social Security to become a dot-com. I want to keep it a dot-gov.”

On Tuesday, a group of Democratic lawmakers proposed protecting Social Security by requiring a two-thirds majority vote for any changes in the program. That measure’s lead sponsor is Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“This country faces a lot of very serious crises which should be dealt with yesterday,” Sanders said. “Social Security happens not to be one of them.” Not for Democrats, anyway.

This story’s from NPR. Notice the little dig there at the end? Fuck them. This “reasonable” splitting the difference crap is what I hate about them. They indoctrinate people who should know better, but since NPR tells them it’s perfectly okay to cut Social Security, “reasonable” people should support it.

Fuck them and their smugness.

Imagine if your college-aged kid tapped out his college fund to buy a $100,000 sports car, and then went to the college to “explain” to them they should be willing to accept 50% of his tuition as payment in full.

That’s what these bastards are trying to do with Social Security, and it’s just plain immoral.

4 thoughts on “The war on Social Security continues

  1. God Bless you too for calling HORSE PUCKEY when you see it EVERY TIME!

    That’s why I read YOUR website!

  2. Re Social Security: Everybody needs to check that paper that the SSA sends you each year a few months before your birthday. It will tell you what your estimated benefit is when you retire, if you retire early, if you retire later, if you become disabled, and a few other cases involving benefits for your spouse and children. Usually we keep this information private. We have to use these numbers when we write or call the powers that be. We have to tell them and keep telling them that $1,600 a month is not very much to retire on, or that $1,200 means you can’t retire early. Tell them that they must imagine trying to live on that. Especially if the financial crash and/or unemployment has devastated your savings and retirement accounts.

    They really do want us to become feudal serfs.

  3. When you decide to set up your personal account do you get a tattoo that says, “Let me alone. I opted out.” Then when you get old, and you have had some bad luck or gotten sick and blown through all your money, and somebody finds you on a park bench they can see the tattoo and just leave you there.

  4. I’m under 55 – but not by much. There’s no way I can accumulate enough savings in the maybe 20 years of work life the Republicans tell me I have left to offset any loss of SS benefits. Of course, first I’d have to find a job – got any great ideas for that Sen DeMint?

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