Things that sorta cheered me up today

The Japanese are running a very long extension cord to the damaged nuclear plant (hope it helps); a Guardian journalist was released from captivity in Libya; that “reassuring” link about the nuclear power leak turns out to be very shady (it cheers me that my instincts were correct); Sen. Bernie Sanders thinks a progressive should primary Obama; NBA players pay for assistant’s surgery; Jerry Brown speaks out against Republican extremists; and this cool gadget that gives you a government fuel rating sticker if you’re selling your car.

2 thoughts on “Things that sorta cheered me up today

  1. “But they will put legislators on the record for $12.5 billion in budget cuts that were approved last month in committee.”
    California’s always ahead of everyone else. Maybe this will catch on.

  2. Bernie’s got it right. My Dem friends hair burst into flame at even hinting at a primary. What a turkey shoot for some well spoken young person, campaign on what Obama promised in his 2008 win, but close each speech with, “these are the things I’ll do for my fellow Americans and unlike President Obama, I’ll actually do them.”

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