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  1. Something’s wrong with this story. I suspect the the reporter didn’t dig deeply enough and instead decided to get a little traction with the uninsured headline. She doesn’t even mention the cause of his tooth pain. He could afford a gym membership but not a dentist? He couldn’t find a dentist that would help with payment arrangements? A lot of people forego dental coverage because it’s comparatively more expensive than health coverage, but most dentists will accommodate. He got up at 5 every morning? Sorry, if you have a toothache, like allergies or sinus infections, it eventually wears you down so you can barely function. Not to mention someone who gets up at 5 every morning and exercises is probably pretty health-conscious. This somehow doesn’t square with someone who ignores his health. If he worked out every day, I’m going to bet the acetominophen and ibuprofen were for workout pains and not a toothache. For anyone who has ever had a toothache, those two drugs wouldn’t phase it. It’s one of the worst pains in the world and even if it were minor it’s one of those pains because it’s in your head is the most bothersome. I’m going to call the reporter’s pandering on this on.

  2. I just finished paying $1800 for a dental procedure. I have insurance, but they don’t cover the type of procedure I needed, just one that would have provided temporary relief but would have had long term complications. And I had it done cheaper than usually because I had it done by a resident at a dental school, rather than an oral surgeon in private practice. So, yeah, I can see how the guy could afford a gym membership but not a dental procedure.

    P.S. Ibuprofen worked very well on the pain from the infection, but I was had to take it at double the usual dose.

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