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Even though I just love dishes and pottery of all kinds, I won’t use anything for food that wasn’t made in the U.S. of A. (It’s not a guarantee, but the odds are better.)

So this doesn’t affect me personally. Hell, just about all of the Asian restaurants have switched to plastic anyway, so I’m not even getting it in the restaurants. But God only knows how many people are being exposed to lead from this stuff.

10 thoughts on “What goes on

  1. This link took me to a Facebook log-in page??? Don’t and won’t have an account. What is this post all about.

  2. coloradoblue: It’s an article in the NY Times about lead in pottery flatware and utensils and a professor in Philadelphia who is studying the problem.

  3. I copied and pasted the NYTimes link at the FB page — I don’t have an account either.

    Is there a way to read FB without logging in? Some kind of workaround, such as the shared nym and password which were on offer a few years ago?

  4. You can read 20 articles a month before the paywall kicks in.

    A backdoor that’s been talked about at Balloon Juice is something called NYT clear. See


    for details.

  5. If you can find stuff made in the U.S., I sure would love to know about it.

    Even then, though, how can you be so sure?

  6. In fact, I’m certain that it’s all BULLSHIT and there’s nothing to be done about it anymore.

    The system will fall, and in fact, has fallen.

    Goodbye forever. Oh, and good riddance.

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