2 thoughts on “Wisconsin election

  1. as of this moment kloppenberg is 835 votes behind and there are 24 precincts still waiting to be reported. all but one of those 24 precincts (the one in taylor county) are from counties that have favored kloppenburg in the votes that have been counted so far. so i expect klop will close the gap, probably end up slightly ahead, which will trigger a recount and possibly nasty court battle.

    the interesting that is that this race is over a seat on the supreme court. so if such a court battle goes to the state supreme court, assuming a partisan vote, the outcome would be 3-3. so i’m not sure what would happen.

  2. I tracked the returns via AP until 4 a.m., then turned off the computer and went to bed. Woke up this morning to find essentially the same numbers I went to bed with. Oh, well …

    As for a deadlock being decided by the state supreme court, don’t forget that Prosser’s a Repuglican, so who’s to say he must recuse himself in deciding his own election? It’s what they do.

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