First, this is a bullshit deal. It removes virtually all stimulus spending from the budget, in exchange for the protective cover of saving Planned Parenthood.

Second, Obama is the worst goddamned negotiator in the world. Two year olds are better than him.

This deal guarantees a double-dip recession. And for what? Obama cares more about his own reelection than the fact that his inability to push strong economic policies is killing the rest of us.

6 thoughts on “1937

  1. You are SO right, Suze. Obama’s a lowdown prick…………..worse than any president that I can recall in my life—–and I’m 65 years old!
    Maybe his defeat in ’12 will open avenues for future Green candidates to run for the office who’ll at least TRY to do what’s right………..

  2. Obama is a brilliant negotiator, he gutted domestic spending in a way that makes it look like the Republicans did it. Obama is the University of Chicago Master of Disaster.

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