Two things I learned on the internets today

1) Wellbutrin makes you dehydrated and gives you really bad “Oh my God, do I have a brain tumor?” headaches. For most people, this goes away after two or three weeks. Some people say it’s much better if they drink a lot of water.

2) The generic version (the one I can afford) is the one that causes the headaches.

7 thoughts on “Two things I learned on the internets today

  1. ten bears, give susie a break. if you’re not functioning well sometimes you need a change.

  2. Can you doctor give you any samples of the brand name version, so you can see whether it would not give these headaches?

    I’ve had headaches all my life, and I hate them. I’ve been better since I took allergy shots, but sometimes I think my body searches for ways to have headaches>

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