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  1. Thank you for this article. Lots of good meat in it, numbers that we can use to back up our points in economic discussions/comments. I’m bookmaking the article and I’m going to pass it on at other blogs I read.

  2. I think I should send a link to Diane Rhem; on her first hour today, she read a comment from a listener who asked that a guest be called on using the phrase “class warfare.”

    REHM: 10:40:03 — And welcome back. It’s time to open the phones, read your email, your tweets. We’ve had several tweets to this effect. David in Fort Worth, Texas says, “Somebody, please call Dan Mitchell on the phrase, class warfare. Ryan’s budget is warfare on the middle and lower classes.” This idea of class warfare keeps coming up over and over and over again in different context. I’d like to leave it out of the rest of our discussion if possible. And there’s another which says, “After eight years of Bush tax cuts, why are there no jobs?” Dan Mitchell.

    David Cay Johnston has documented such warfare, and as Warren Buffett has noted, there is class warfare and the rich have won.

    Johnston’s article could be fodder for discussion and education for a full hour for each subtopic he covers, so I’ll suggest she have him to talk about these issues. He does have standing in the media world, so she might have him on.

    Yes, needs to propagated and not just to web denizens. Email it to friends and families.

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