Gee. Hmm.

This administration doesn’t seem to like representative democracy much, does it. Lots of back-door deals and grand master plans that don’t include the people we elected to represent us….

In a tense moment that may well have encapsulated the frustrations of three-plus months in the minority, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi snapped at a top presidential economic adviser, Gene Sperling, during a closed-door meeting between White House aides and House Democratic leaders Wednesday.

“Maybe you could consult with us just once,” Pelosi said, according to one source’s account. Others confirmed the basic content of the stand-out barb from the former speaker in the midst of an active but largely cordial meeting.

At the time, Sperling was discussing the form and mission of a new bipartisan congressional working group the president wants to charge with establishing a deficit-reduction plan. In the president’s view, it would consist of 16 members, plus the vice president as chairman, and finish up by the end of June.

House Democratic leaders didn’t like the size of it, the reporting date, which falls very close to the deadline for raising the debt ceiling, or the perception that a White House plan had been baked without input from the president’s allies on Capitol Hill.

2 thoughts on “Gee. Hmm.

  1. Yes, Obama loves secrecy. And he does love those closed-door secret agreements.

    Maybe that’s why he goes after any whistleblowers so fiercely. He knows believable whistleblowers with access to any firm evidence could destroy him.

    Which is why I’m wondering if he’s already made one with the Republicans over SocSec. I think he feels he can bamboozle the public with scary stories of Medicare/Medicaid running the Federal budget into deficit ruination, so is will to actually talk about changes to those programs. Especially since it’s poorer people who use Medicaid.

    Oh, damn. What a terrible mistake it was to have Obama elected president!

  2. I don’t feel at all sorry for Nancy Pelosi (though I do for the rest of us.) She was instrumental in getting Obama to the WH. Looks like she wasn’t too careful about checking out just what she was buying with all her PAC money.

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