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  1. Comfort yourself by knowing that you aren’t alone. Badfinger, at the time, were known solely for “Come And Get It”, and debate still raged–er, murmured–as to whether they were really the Beatles in drag. So their second album, the brilliant “No Dice”, from whence came “Without You” (and the very brilliant “No Matter What”), came and went in the US with little notice. Then things started to change for our heroes when their 3rd, “Straight Up”, came out, with two massive (and brilliant) hits, “Baby Blue” and “Day After Day” (not to mention a miscegenous production–George Harrison produced some, Geoff Emerick some, and our own Todd R. came in to finish off). It did well–certainly better than the first two–but they had legendarily awful management problems, and before you knew it (although they soldiered on for some time), first a bitter Pete Ham had killed himself, and then Tom Evans. What a loss…they were an incredible band; another that I feel fortunate to have been around for in my excitable teenage years.

  2. I was extremely fortunate to have seen Badfinger, in Ann Arbor (back in ’72, or was it ’73), when thay opened for the Faces “circus” tour, with some circus type entertainment between bands. The highlight for me was the “suitcase” jam, a favorite. It kinda gives an indictment of the music industry when we lose a Pete Ham over industry shenanigans.

  3. Ha! An Ann Arbor boy! I was a A2 Pioneer High junior/senior in 72/73, but can’t remember the show you’re referring to, though it had to’ve been at Crisler Arena, that awful barn of a stadium, as far as acoustics went anyway. But we probably both listened to Badfinger back then on WABX, WRIF, or even CKLW, all magic radio stations in their own ways. (Although ABX just fucking *ruled*.)

    Miserable (high school and all that implies) and wonderful (Ann Arbor was as progressive as they came) times…*sigh*…

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