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  1. The president is off selling his new economic message after shocking liberals with a strong rhetorical budget speech. But he’s still playing in Republican territory, warns Eric Alterman—a strategy that could save him in 2012 but doom his party.

    I’ve been thinking and writing since the primaries that one of Obama’s goals IS the destruction of the Democratic Party.

  2. Yes, jawbone. I think so too. His technique is working swimmingly. He’s positively Rovian, what with creating all those new realities and all. Apparently, we are only left with following along.

    Sure thing.

  3. I read that piece as Glenn saying that Obama is not speaking the words of his enemies (altho’ Republicans demonstrate enmity toward Obama, to keep their base in line) as he is one of them in spirit and outlook, if not in name (hence, DINO Barry), and is actually speaking the words, implementing the legislation, enabling the ideas he approves of and feels comfortable with.

    Obama, as lots have been noticing, seems to be accomplishing Republican, corporatist, rightwing, St. Ronnie’s legacy-type goals better than the Republicans themselves can do.

    Tea Partiers may be going overboard, but that actually helps Obama by having truly crazy rightward talking points out there. Thereby, his center-right to conservative right talking points seem sane.

    Occasionally, Obama uses the words and talking points of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party to fool the rubes into thinking he’s finally going to act like a real Democrat. He and the DLC type Dems are pretty sure most of the left will just vote for Obama as the apparent lesser of two evils.

    Sorry, folks: Corporatist Neo-Lib is the closest we’re going to get from Obama.

    We are so screwed.

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