He’s got you on his mind

The rain stopped, it turned out to be a beautiful day, we went out to Easter dinner and then back home to watch a movie. And then, the season premiere of my very, very favorite show, “Treme.” In case you never saw it, it’s set in New Orleans after Katrina and the city’s music is deeply woven into the show. Tonight’s episode featured the Subdudes, which reminded me how much I like them:

One thought on “He’s got you on his mind

  1. I watched the dvd of the entire first season of Treme this weekend. I don’t have cable, so waiting for the dvd is my only choice.

    Anyway, I love this show. The music is incredible. I was completely pulled in by the end of the first episode, which is why I watched an entire season over just two evenings. Of course, if, like me, your blood pressure rises to a dangerous level when you see the kind of senseless cruelty our various governments mete out to the American people, well, prepare to be infuriated a good deal of the time.

    Oh, and you’ll probably shed some tears. But, hey, the music is great.

    David Simon, creator of the amazing HBO series The Wire, is co-creator with Eric Overmeyer of Treme. This is not The Wire transplanted to New Orleans, but the quality of the story-telling is the same.

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